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Meet GaN Systems at CES - Revolutionizing E-mobility, Class D Audio (Mark Levinson), Wireless Charging, and New Electric Vehicle DCDC Converters

One of the most important electronics breakthroughs you will see at CES 2023 is power.

GaN Systems, the global leader in GaN power semiconductors, invites you to experience the latest breakthroughs in Class D Audio, Wireless Charging Devices, e-Mobility, and Electric Vehicles. A significant challenge across consumer electronics is developing power systems that are smaller, lighter, more efficient, less costly, and better for the environment. Gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors enable the creation of power systems that are 4x smaller, 4x lighter, and that exhibit 4x less energy loss.

Please let us know if you can meet with GaN Systems’ CEO, Jim Witham, on January 5-8 in suite #1232 at the Renaissance Hotel, next to the Las Vegas Convention Center. Kindly get back to me with a preference for a date/time.

We’ll show you the following:

  • Next-Generation Wi-Fi Speaker from audio legend Mark Levinson
  • Mobile phone and notebook PC industry-leading GaN-powered chargers and adapter
  • Coolest 500W Class D audio amplifier
  • In production, electric vehicle onboard charger
  • High-power density 400V/800V EV DCDC converter
  • Innovations in e-mobility, lighting, and shrinking power supplies
  • The world’s first 100W/in 3 data center power supply

 Please email us to set up appointments - either in-person or virtual.

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About GaN Systems
GaN Systems is the global leader in GaN power semiconductors with the most extensive transistors portfolio that uniquely addresses the needs of today's most demanding industries, including consumer electronics, data center servers, power supplies, renewable energy systems, industrial motors, and automotive electronics. As an industry-leading innovator, GaN Systems makes it possible to design smaller, lower cost, more efficient power systems. The company's award-winning products provide system design opportunities free from the limitations of yesterday's silicon. By changing the transistor performance rules, GaN Systems enables power conversion companies to revolutionize their industries and transform the world.  
For more information, please visit: or on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and scan this QR code for our WeChat.

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